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A Roundabout Way to the Fox

Saturday, June 6 – The day started like most weekend mornings. Arriving at 6:15 am the parking lot was already populated with a dozen or so cars. Some people were trying to play quick and get on to other activities, others were our regular early bird members, some were walk-ons taking a chance on getting a time and all were just anxious to get it airborne. One of the last things on the initial check list is to overview the tee sheet and prepare for what’s in store for the day. For some reason the Andrew booking at 8:40 and 8:50 caught my eye for no other reason than it was booked for five (actually a 3 and a 2), not a usual number for golf. They arrived in plenty of time and entered the golf shop in unusually good spirits. “You must be the Andrew Party” I astutely proclaimed as the five approached. “Indeed we are and we’re so happy to be here…let’s see we’ll be needing 4 rental sets, tees, balls, a couple gloves…do you have rental shoes…and how about some of the Fox ball markers?” they inquired. They clearly had time for several cups of coffee so I asked where they had come in from and the answer was Greenwich, just an hour away, nothing really out of the ordinary. After some more small talk the husband says to the wife, “why don’t you tell him why we are really here?” I’ll summarize her response in brief – “Well, we live in Alaska and a couple of years back we found a golf ball with a cute little fox dressed up in classic golf attire leaning on a club while tossing a ball into the air. We were intrigued by the logo and Googled it and discovered it was the logo for three courses – one in Massachusetts, one in Florida and one in Connecticut. At the time we just made a mental note of it. This week we were in Connecticut for the graduation of our niece from Sacred Heart in Greenwich and being the adventurers that we are…well we just had to make the trip”. After the round they couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed the course and day. What a great way to find the “Fox” I thought. Twenty-seven years ago I designed what has become our iconic mascot and today a family converged on Fox Hopyard because of their intrigue with that little guy on a golf ball they found 3500 miles away in Alaska.

The adventurers on this little golf trip include Rachel Carda Andrews and her husband David Andrews from Anchorage, Alaska, Rachel’s brother Dennis Carda from Seattle, Washington, her 86 year old father Daniel Carda from Omaha, Nebraska and close family friend Joanne Singleton of Chicago but from Scotland who’s grandmother was a champion amateur golfer in Scotland in the 50’s. Golf is good for many things. It was gratifying to see this wonderful gathering of family on the links with partial credit going to our “Fox”.